Lavish Services

The Lavish Brand offers the following services to all of our clients:

Custom Design Orders -

This service is for our blossoming lingerie lovers with a vision and minimal resources. Please provide COLOR, STYLE, PATTERN, AND FABRIC PREFERENCE, and REFERENCE. We will work with you to determine which route is best in creating your one-of-a-kind piece. Custom orders start at $200 per Tech Pack created, additional costs will vary depending on final product and quantities. Consultation and contract are required before design process begins.

Specialty Tailoring -

This service is for our signature products only (LavishLabel / TLB.LUX) If you would like your item to fit perfectly to you, please email us BEFORE placing your order. In the email include the style you are interested in and your measurements. An additional $30 will be added to the cost of your items. 

Wardrobe Styling & Fittings (VIRTUAL) -

This service is ideal for our clients dressing for events & occasions or looking for a wardrobe revamp. Our stylists specialize in Everyday Wear, Formal Wear, and Intimate Apparel. Please send us an email including your intended looks, sizes, and favorite color(s) so we can get you ready to look your best! Styling Services start at $50 with booking fee/consultation and carry a $75 per look rate. 


To Inquire about Lavish Services please send us an email to Info@TheLavishBrand.Co with the subject line being Your Name and the Service you'd like.  

FOR ALL LAVISH SERVICES, A CONSULTATION FEE OF $50 AND BOOKING DEPOSIT OF 50% OF ENTIRE TOTAL IS REQUIRED AT SERVICE CONFIRMATION. Consultations via email or Virtually are required before services begin and are credited towards the total of the service.

Upon services being confirmed, all consultation and/or Booking Fees will become non-refundable.