Welcome Boudoir Babe 🌹 | 20% Off Lingerie "Lover20" | Free Priority Shipping on orders $100+ |
Welcome Boudoir Babe 🌹 | 20% Off Lingerie "Lover20" | Free Priority Shipping on orders $100+ |
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How We Operate & Sustain

The Lavish Brand, The Lavish Boudoir, and The Lavish Atelier is a black-woman-owned, women-led, and fully women-operated small business. We bridge the gap between everyday comfort and effortless sex appeal by offering classy, sultry lingerie and intimate apparel made just for you.

We design, source, and produce our luxury-styled pieces and ensembles both in-house and in the ateliers of our design partners in USA, South America, United Kingdom, and Europe. Our signature garments are also tailored in-house by hand by request.

We provide wardrobe styling assistance, personal shopping, and image consulting in alignment with our apparel and lingerie, creating a one-on-one luxury experience from start-to-finish for each client.

Here at The Lavish Brand we prioritize high quality, sustainability, and ethical work practices. Each of our signature designs are created by our team in-house and produced in our various partnering factories, guaranteeing that the fit and quality of our work is never compromised. We are proud to provide timeless designs and high quality fabrics that last well beyond a particular season, allowing our clientele to enjoy our pieces for years to come. #SlowFashion

Our exquisite world renown designs feature 100% ethically sourced fabrics and materials to ensure the longevity of our garments. We utilize recycled and up-cycled materials in both our garments and packaging. To reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure our clientele receives the highest quality work we can offer, our shop is primarily custom and made-to-order. (That means we aren't overstocking/overcharging/overselling our items to compensate for a loss. Also for seamlessly processing your orders)


For more questions, inquiries or to learn more about us, shoot us an email -- info@thelavishbrand.co